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Evento: II Jornadas Nacionais de Caracterização de Materiais

Data: 24 a 26 Janeiro de 2017
Local: Universidade do Aveiro - Aveiro (Portugal)

Descrição: The main goal of the workshop is to deliver a cross-disciplinary learning approach and condensed overview of major analytical techniques for the characterization of different types for materials with emphasis on practical applications. The workshop provides a series of plenary sessions followed by short courses, given by recognized experts, and will cover the "nuts and bolts" of the different characterization techniques. These presentations will be problem-solving oriented emphasizing case studies of relevance to industrial applications and are geared towards both novice and experienced scientists.


Evento: NanoPT 2017 - International Conference

Data:  1 a 3 Fevereiro de 2017
Local:  Centro de Congressos e Exposições Alfândega - Porto (Portugal)

Descrição: nanomaterials | nanochemistry | nanobio/nanomedicine | graphene/nanotubes | optics/photonics/plasmonics | energy | modeling at the nanoscale | scientific policy/tech transfer | nanoinstrumentation.


Evento: 1st European Chemistry Partnering
Data:  16 Fevereiro de 2017
Local:  IHK Frankfurt am Main (Chamber of Industry and Commerce) - Alemanha

Descrição: The 1st European Chemistry Partnering invites all stakeholders, industry representatives, founders, entrepreneurs and investors to a rendezvous in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The aim is to bring together entrepreneurs, creative minds, visionaries, movers, decision-makers and financiers to engender dialogue and an ever-improving exchange with one another – across regional clusters and national boundaries. The solution is: Get to know each other. Exchange views. Do business together!


Local:  Instituto Superior Técnico - Lisboa (Portugal)

Descrição: Organic, Dye-sensitised, Perovskite, and Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Solar Cells, Printed Organic and Large Area Electronics, Optoelectronic Materials for Printing and Coating Technologies, Device Characterization and Modeling.


Local:  Universidade de Aveiro - Aveiro (Portugal)

Descrição: Aiming to explore the latest Progress in Materials Development and to bring Science Solutions to the World, provides the ideal forum for scientists, developers, engineers and companies to share their latest breakthroughs, achievements and views in the field of Materials.

Local:  Porto (Portugal)

Descrição:  CESB2017 aims at bringing together two Societies that are collaborating for many years to bring forward significant advances to the field of Biomaterials with specific focus on Regenerative Medicine applications. It will review the developmental trend and the progress on the frontier research of biomaterials sciences and engineering, including progresses in clinical research and applications.


Local:  Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto - Porto (Portugal)

Descrição: DCE17 poses an invaluable opportunity for all those involved MSc and PhD projects (students, supervisors, researchers) to present your work to fellows on similar areas and also to discuss your daily research. Furthermore, the conference includes exciting sessions from invited speakers and PhD alumni in companies session, providing the fantastic opportunity to gain industry insights and get in contact with track-proven business professionals.


Data:  12 a 13 de Junho de 2017
Local:  Biblioteca Municipal Almeida Garret - Porto (Portugal)

Descrição: Com esta primeira reunião pretendemos congregar o interesse de todos aqueles que trabalham com as diferentes vertentes e alotropias deste fascinante elemento. Temas: Materiais de carbono nanoestruturados • Materiais de carbono porosos • Grafeno e derivados • Nanotubos de carbono, fulerenos e outros • Fibras de carbono e compósitos • Materiais de carbono para catálise e eletrocatálise • Materiais de carbono para adsorção e armazenamento de gases • Materiais de carbono na saúde e medicina • Materiais e processos baseados em materiais de carbono • Aplicações ambientais e energéticas 

Data:  21 a 23 de Junho de 2017
Local:  Universidade do Minho - Braga (Portugal)

Descrição:  The conference is being organized by the University of Minho, through the Fibrenamics International Platform, and is focused on the latest scientific and technical advances in natural fibers and fiber-based materials, for advanced applications towards a greener world. The conference will bring together various universities, research and technological centers, companies and all those interested in these amazing materials called natural fibers. The conference aims to represent a forum for exchanging ideas, presenting the latest developments and trends, proposing new solutions and promoting international collaborations.


Evento: 46th IUPAC World Chemistry Congress (IUPAC-2017)

Data:  9 a  14 de Julho de 2017
Local:  São Paulo (Brasil)

Descrição: With the theme, “Sustainability & Diversity Through Chemistry”, this wonderful and historic event links all fields of Chemistry. The scientific program has been carefully prepared by the Organizing and Scientific Committees, providing a major coverage of the main areas of interest for chemists. The scientific program includes high-level scientific sessions, plenary lectures, parallel sessions, as well as poster presentations and young scientists’ workshops under 12 major topics, including over 100 symposia. The twelve major topics are: Analytical & Food Chemistry (AC), Chemistry Education (CE), Chemistry for Industry Innovation (CI), Chemical Synthesis (CS), Energy, Water and Environmental Sciences (EE), Green Chemistry and Biotechnology (GB), Inorganic and Structural Chemistry (IC), Macromolecules and Materials (MM), Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology (MB), Nano Science and Technology (NT), Natural Products and Biodiversity (NB), and Physical, Biophysical and Computational Chemistry (PC).


Evento: XI Brazglass

Data:  13 a 16 de Julho de 2017
Local:  Lizon Curitiba Hotel - Curitiba (Brasil)

Descrição: Topics of interest include but are not limited to: Glass structure; Dynamic properties - diffusion, viscous flow, relaxation and crystallization; Properties and applications - mechanical properties, biomaterials and biochemical properties, optical properties, electrical properties, sol-gel and chemical properties, energy, coatings, miscellaneous; Glass technology and industrial research.


Evento: Cork Science and Applications

Data:  7 a 8 de Setembro de 2017
Local:  Universidade de Aveiro (Portugal)

Descrição: cork & innovation
The most useful natural cellular material has being used extensively in all areas of engineering and architecture, from house appliances to cutting edge technologies.
Horizon 2020 flagship innitiatives are encouraging the use of eco-friendly, sustainable materials. Next September, academics, designers, entrepreneurs and industry are invited to meet and exchange ideas and solutions.


Evento:  EMEC18 - 18th European Meeting on Environmental Chemistry

Data:  26 a 29 de Novembro de 2017
Local:  Faculdade de Engenharia  - Universidade do Porto - (Portugal)

Descrição: The EMEC is organised annually on behalf of the Association of Chemistry and the Environment (ACE). It traditionally comprises a broad range of topics within the field of environmental chemistry. Under the motto "Chemistry towards an Infinite Environment", the 18th edition will continue the tradition of previous meetings, hoping to contribute for a lasting sustainability of our planet’s environment. Contributions to EMEC18 will be published in a virtual special issue of Science of the Total Environment.

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